When it comes to the safety and the quality of our products, Bio-Blaze® puts all the means products necessary to offer you quality. Our team works non-stop in the field, looking for new ideas and gathering new technologies. Bio-Blaze® is also an active member in several organizations and work groups contributing to the future of Bio-ethanol fireplaces. We are continually improving as technical developments arise.

Our ambition and passion keeps our creativity flowing to offer a collection that stands up to every market demand.  Bio-Blaze® offers original, safe and sustainable products.

As the technology of bio-ethanol fireplaces is new and not well known, we recommend that you read the instruction manual before using or installing the fireplace. Make sure that all potential users are well educated and informed about what bio-ethanol fuel is and how to use a Bio-Blaze® fireplace. The Bio-ethanol fireplace can only be used by people of age who are competent and who have read and understood the safety and assembly instructions.

Do not use the Bio-ethanol Fireplace in non-ventilated rooms. Never leave the fire unattended. Use the Bio-ethanol Fireplace in rooms that comply with the below listed specifications:

Maximum output Equivalent surface area (m²)
(beneath 2.45 m ceiling)
Equivalent surface area (ft²)
(beneath 8ft ceiling)
Less than 2 000 W/ 6828 BTU 13 140
2 000 to 2 500 W/ 6828 to 8536 BTU 13 à 16 140 to 172
2 501 to 3 000 W/ 8539 to 10243 BTU 16 à 20 172 to 215
3 001 to 3 500 W/ 10246 to 11950 BTU 20 à 22 215 to 237
3 501 to 4 000 W/ 11953 to 13657 BTU 22 à 25 237 to 269
4 001 to 4 500 W/ 13661 to 15364 BTU 25 à 28 269 to 301
4 501 to 4 650 W/ 15368 to 15877 BTU 28 à 29 301 to 312


The products of Bio-Blaze® have a warranty of 3 years worldwide.

The consumer is obligated to read the safety and assembly instructions in order to guarantee a better use of the product. It is recommended that the consumer respects and complies with all mentioned instructions.

To apply a warranty, the consumer is required to provide proof of purchase and contact the retailer where purchased Bio Blaze®.


All Bio-Blaze® products are produced with high quality powder coated steel (DC01) and stainless steel (AISI 434), certified ISO 9001. Products tested and approved.