Bio-ethanol fireplaces are revolutionary and environmentally friendly flue less fireplaces that require no chimney and do not rely on any external connection (electricity or gas). Bio-ethanol Fireplaces use denatured alcohol or as it is called, “bio-ethanol fuel”. No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This means that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a real flame without any fuss. They are easy to use and maintain as there are no logs, ashes, etc. to be cleaned and there is no fear of embers falling out of the fireplace.

The design of the fireplaces is specifically created for your interior and exterior decoration. The stylish look will match both classical and modern interiors.

Their natural yellow flames will instantly create a cozy atmosphere. In a condo, house or loft, on a balcony or in a garden, they can be easily attached to a wall, placed in an open space or put on a coffee table.

Unlike burning wood, the ethanol fireplace doesn’t omit any dangerous fumes or carcinogens when burning. This is why it does not need a chimney. When burning, the combustion emits very small amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide. No wet walls or soot on your ceilings, bio-ethanol is a clean burning flame.


Before using any bio-ethanol fireplace, you need to make sure that you have read the instruction manual well so as to properly use the fireplace. A bio ethanol fire place is very easy to use. Just pour the bio-ethanol into the burner using the funnel and ignite with a long lighter. Your fire and instant ambience will be achieved in minutes.

With traditional fireplaces, you need to chop, store and transport the wood, struggle with lighting and then clean-up afterwards. The bio-ethanol fireplace is simple, clean and “green”! Bio-Blaze® fireplaces require no permanent installation and are fully mobile.