Installation questions

What are the advantages of a Bio-Blaze® fireplace?

A Bio-ethanol fireplace is environmentally friendly and burns “green” using Bio-ethanol fuel. It is easy to install, ideal for a condo, house or loft, or for a balcony, patio or garden. They can be easily mounted to a wall, placed in an open space or put on a coffee table.

Do I need a chimney/ flue?

A Bio-ethanol fireplace does not need a chimney or a flue. Bio-ethanol burns clean and it is non-toxic. It releases very little carbon dioxide and water vapor very similar to a candle.

Does it release any smoke?

No, the combustion is clean and free of soot.  Bio-ethanol is a clean burning flame.

Where can I place a Bio-ethanol fireplace?

Almost everywhere except bathrooms or rooms that are less than 50m³/ 1376ft³per burner. For all other installations you must comply with our installation instructions.

Is it easy to install a Bio-Blaze® fireplace?

The Bio-Blaze® fireplaces are very easy to install. They do not require any flue, electricity connection or any other external connection. There is no installation or building work required. The fireplaces do not require any flue, therefore they can be placed anywhere you want. The mobile fireplaces are on casters and can be easily transported from room to room and hanging models come with all necessary mounting hardware to be hung on the wall.  Please refer to installation instructions that are provided.

Usage questions

How does a Bio-Blaze® fireplace work?

Our instruction manual provides you with all the necessary information to operate a Bio-Blaze® fireplace safely and efficiently. The Bio-Blaze® fireplace is a flue less fire combined with a burner that runs on bio-ethanol. The burner can be lit with a long match or long lighter.

How do I fill in the burners and how long should I wait before I refill?

You will carefully pour the bio-ethanol into the burner making sure that the liquid does not spill or over-flow. If this occurs, you must wait several minutes until it evaporates before lightning. When the flames are out, you need to wait until the burner is cold (+/- 20minutes) before refilling.

How do I light the fire?

To light the fire, use a long lighter or a long match.

Can I extinguish the fireplace before the fuel has completely burned off?

Yes, you can turn your fire off at any given time, even before the fuel has run out. Use the extinguishing tool to shut off the burner. It  is not safe to leave a fire unattended.

What is the heating capacity of a Bio-ethanol fireplace?

A Bio-Blaze® fireplace will provide heat. Because it is flue less all the heat stays in the room.  It can be used as a complement to your existing heat source. Based on the room size and heating capacity of the fireplace, it can provide you 2 KW to 5.6 KW (6828 to 19120 BTU).

How do I clean the Burner?

The heat can cause the stainless burner to discolor in time. This is not out of the ordinary. Regular maintenance will maintain the color. Do not clean with water or put in a dish washer. The stainless steel can be cleaned using a soft cloth and some liquid stainless steel cleaner.

Can I cook food on the fireplace?

No, the fireplace is not a cooking element. It will damage the burners. Faulty handling is not covered under warranty.

Bio-ethanol questions

What is Bio-ethanol?

Bio-ethanol is a liquid fuel that is produced from environmentally friendly materials. Please refer to our section : What is bio-ethanol

Does it smell?

Bio-ethanol has substances added to it in order for it to be labeled de-natured. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and will dissipate with time. There is also a slight smell once the flame is extinguished, similar to when you blow out a candle. The smell will soon dissipate into the air.

Where do I get Bio Ethanol?

You can purchase bio-ethanol in cases of quarts, gallons or liters depending on the manufacturer.  You will find it at Hardware Stores, on the Internet or at your local Bio-Blaze® retailers.

How long does the fuel burn and what is the cost of the fuel?

One liter/quart of bio-ethanol will burn around 3 hours with a cost of ± € 1 / $1.50 per hour.

The cost of 1 liter/quart of bio-ethanol varies depending on place and quantity of purchase.

Storage of bio-ethanol

Bio-Ethanol is classified as a Flammable Liquid Class 3, PG II and is regulated by various standards around the world. You must familiarize yourself and comply with these regulations in order to safely and legally store, handle, decant and use this fuel.