Northern HuntingNorthern Hunting creates comfortable and durable clothing with functional design, rooted in the traditions of Nordic hunting, enhancing your hunting and hiking experience.


While the sports and workwear sectors have seen tremendous development in recent years, the market for hunting and trekking clothing has stubbornly stuck to outdated designs that don’t meet the expectations or needs of people operating in harsh terrains.

As passionate hunters, we were delighted to discover the hunting and hiking clothes created by the small Danish manufacturer Northern Hunting, which we are pleased to introduce to you starting from May 2024.

The keywords for Northern Hunting’s hunting and hiking clothes are:

  • Functionality. Northern Hunting focuses on continually improving the functional features of their product collection to meet the expectations and needs of hunters and hikers to the maximum extent.
  • Innovativeness. In the hunting and hiking clothing market, innovativeness primarily means creative design solutions and top-tier materials, which Northern Hunting skillfully combines to create a flawless whole.
  • Durabiliy. Both hikers and hunters often face extreme weather conditions and environments when stepping outside. Therefore, the company pays great attention to the durability of its functional and innovative hunting and camping clothes. To affirm this, Northern Hunting offers a 5-year warranty on all its products.
  • Affordability. The creators of Northern Hunting’s hunting and hiking clothes design their products for the forest and trail, not for exclusive boutique displays. Therefore, they pay great attention to the price-quality ratio of materials to make their products accessible to every hiker and hunter.
  • Perfection pursuit. Northern Hunting has always strived to create uncompromisingly high-quality hunting and hiking clothes. To achieve this goal, they are very grateful for any feedback that helps improve their products. As the importer of Northern Hunting’s hunting and hiking clothes, ELAV TULI conveys gratitude and eagerly welcomes suggestions for product improvements via phone and email. Call, write, criticize, or pat on the back – no reasonable suggestion will go unnoticed.

Thank you!
Elav Tuli